Friday, May 13, 2011

Crisfield - Official "Camera Friendly" City

Crisfield - Official Camera Friendly City
Recently, Crisfield Mayor P.J. Purnell honored my request to put forth a resolution to council members designating Crisfield an official "camera friendly" city. The vote was unanimous, making us the first "camera friendly"  city in the state of Maryland, at least as far as I know.  Now, what exactly is a "camera friendly" city? You have to be a photographer to understand the meaning, but you don't have to be a professional. Anyone who loves photography will find unlimited  material in Crisfield. As a photojournalist, just about everything is fodder for my camera, but some people like to photograph nature. Boy, do we have plenty of that! If you are a "people" photographer, you will find that the people of Crisfield take kindly to cameras. Love old houses? You can shoot all day. Historic houses? We have some beauts. Churches, too. And I know there are many photographers who love to shoot historical grave-sites. If you are an up-close-and-personal photographer, the world is your oyster here. Oh, we have oysters, too, in season, of course, and crabs, and sunsets, and a miniature world that be captured for your personal or professional photo gallery.

Here is the draft of the resolution:

A Resolution Designating the City of Crisfield
as a “Camera Friendly” City on the Eastern Shore

WHEREAS;    the City of Crisfield is a “Camera Friendly” delight to both
                        professional and casual shutter bugs, and;

WHEREAS;    the City of Crisfield boasts beautiful sunsets, beautiful marshes
                        and wildlife, as well as wonderful old homes and historical
                        churches, all of which are a shutter bug’s dream; and

WHEREAS;    Crisfield’s way of life and its watermen are a photographer’s
                        prized “catch”, not to mention their work areas; the Small Boat
                        Harbor, Jenkins Creek and Apes Hole; and

WHEREAS;    Taking a boat ride in Crisfield can net a photographer wonderful
                        pictures of historic chimneys and beaches that have been there
                        forever, as well as a water loving osprey or two; and

WHEREAS;    Crisfield’s historic buildings such as McCrory’s have caught the
                        eye of many a photographer as well as its many landmark signs
                        such as the Tawes Library, Ward Brothers and the John Tawes
                        railroad sign; and

WHEREAS;    A photographer won’t find a more spectacular place to shoot than
                        the Janes Island State Park and the Somers Cove Marina, or a more
                        diverse population to photograph than at Gordon’s; and

WHEREAS;    Crisfield’s friendly people and wonderful events such as the Soft
                        Shell Fair, Clam Bake, Crab Derby and Christmas Parade, to name a        
                        few, can also be a photographer’s dream.


AS WITNESS OUR HANDS AND SEAL THIS ________________ DAY OF ___________,  2011.

Shown below, with signed resolution, left to right: City Councilman Kim Lawson, Crisfield Chamber of Commerce member Tillie Tull,  Councilman Mark Konapelsky, chamber member Marie Witt, Council Vice President Raymond Anderson, Crisfield Mayor P.J. Purnell, and Councilwoman LaVerne Johnson.

Thanks to the mayor and council members for passing this resolution. Hey, State of Maryland, can we expand on this? Photographers are always looking for camera-friendly cities. Let's put out the call for photographers everywhere to come and enjoy Maryland, one city, one photo at a time.

~ ~ ~

Oh, the things I do for a photo...Professional photographers, you will find a treasure of stock photos in Crisfield


Missy said...

awesome shots, I love your photos, so beautiful! I wish I could visit Maryland someday ;-)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Patty, Haven't commented in awhile, but just had to let you know that I'm checking your blog weekly and catching up on all your great photos. Nice of the town council to pass this resolution cause you certainly show it's true! Grenville and I hope we can catch up again with you and Larry.