Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Heron Monday

Delmarva Birding Weekend, Cedar Island Marsh, Crisfield Heritage Foundation

I missed previewing Delmarva Birding Weekend this past weekend, but I was reminded about it when I ran into Terry Young from Easten, a volunteer who certainly knows his birds. I was on my way to cover an event, and seeing Terry checking out the birds at Cedar Island Marsh Sanctuary, within walking distance from my house, I had to make a slight detour to find out about this birder, who graciously invited me to go on the boat trip to Smith Island the next morning. Sadly, my schedule was filled. Maybe next year.

Terry points his scope towards Somers Cove Marina.

Behind Terry is Cedar Island Marsh. Kayakers can put in here and enjoy a scenic paddle to Arch Bridge, or what I like to call, "Jenkins Creek." There, you can see crabbing boats and shanties.

This is a great time for birders to enjoy Crisfield. Terry was naming birds by the dozens by their sights and sounds at Cedar Island Marsh,  located across the street from the south side of Somers Cove Marina. The Crisfield Heritage Foundation acquired the 330 acre marsh a few years ago, and is going forward with plans on teaching marsh ecosystem, along with the art of nature photography. It is a great place for kayaking, birding, photography, or for anyone interested in preserving and  enjoying nature. Terrapins, hawks, an abundance of waterfowl and aquatic creatures, including our very important Maryland crab, can be studied and enjoyed.  If you are so inclined, you can do a little crabbing. Plein air artists can always find something to paint in Crisfield, and Cedar Island Marsh, would make for a perfect "study in nature" painting.

When visiting, you will notice an osprey nesting stand, provided by the Heritage Foundation. I never go by without looking to see who might be moving in. So, far, no takers, but once a family moves in, it will make for an even more exciting adventure for nature lovers.

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I was going to save the below photo, taken last Thursday, to use as a filler while I  play my eternal catch-up game, but since it was taken around the corner from Cedar Island Marsh, I thought it an appropriate closer to this post.


Doreen said...

great capture of the heron!!

gigi said...

I love it!