Monday, February 8, 2010

View from a Super Bowl party

 "This is for everybody in this city who's had homes who used to be wet. This is for the city of New Orleans." ~  Saints Coach Sean Payton

Thanks to Barb and Dan for hosting another wonderful Super Bowl party. Since everyone in the world saw the game last night I thought I would share a scene from your dining room they did not see.

And I just had to share this photo of two "fans" who preferred food over the game.


J9 said...

I love the second shot - I'm sure many household pets ate very well yesterday!

GingerV said...

oh this photo is priceless.
'no you can't have my cake!'

A Scattering said...

The first shot is breath-taking and in the second one the dogs look like they're holding their breath!

Lew said...

That sunset is worth missing some of the game! Barb and dan have a beautiful spot to host anything!

Noelle said...


Stephen Baird said...

very cool shot. that looks like a great chair!
nikonsniper steve