Friday, February 19, 2010

Seagulls Everywhere

by Louis Jenkins

There were no seagulls in the harbor, none at the marina. I saw none in the air. There were no seagulls at Canal Park, or McDonalds, or at Russ Kendall's smokehouse, or at the Kmart parking lot, or any of their favorite hangouts. It's winter and snow is falling, but I don't believe seagulls fly south. I've often seen them standing around on the ice all day, as if they were waiting for a big bus to come and take them to a casino. Where are all the seagulls? This is not a question I ever thought I'd ask myself. You get used to someone being around and if they go away you miss them. That's how life is. But seagulls are primarily a nuisance, and if you can't count on that, what can you count on? 

Wonderful poem. Our seagulls are full-time residents. Some regard them as a nuisance, but we would miss them if they left.


Ann said...

I see you have one brown gull among the rest. We have those too, much bigger and more aggressive.

People say humans are to be blame for sea gulls behavior, we feed them, and they become rubbish birds.

Patty said...

Yes. But we would really miss them if they were gone, wouldn't we?

holdingmoments said...

I have trouble sometimes telling one from the other, but I think they're great characters. Noisy and rowdy at times, but then so are some people lol

ann said...

I live in Manchester, Maryland - Carroll County. I have never seen a seagull up here. Today, there must have been 100 of them circling my property and eventually they landed on a neighbor's house. They saw some bread in my driveway and immediately went crazy. Seeing the numbers, I went out and gave them more bread, which they ate with vigor. Then, they were gone. What a lovely sight when you live this far from the beach. It brightened my day and gave me the hope for a very soon spring and no more snow. They were here -- but now they are gone .....
Anne - Manchester, MD.