Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crab Shanties in Crisfield

The snow has left us but Old Man Winter is still around. I captured this photo at Jenkins Creek. I love the way our crab shanties remind us of the warm weather to come.

The Shanties of Summer

The sun retreats behind winter clouds that come and
       stay playing their evilistic games – was there ever a
       summer or was it only a dream that crept under our
       bed-covers while we slept piled high with
       cotton and down?

Was there a ever a time when the sun touched our
       skin and permeated our bones so that we
       felt like indolent paralyzed sloths that could not
       would not move? Oh, the importance of doing nothing.

Was there a ever a time when we squinted our soulful eyes into the
       warmth of a setting sun – sky ablaze and turned
       away feeling not fit to gaze upon her godly colors?

Was there a ever a time when we rose to
       the gossip of birds a golden patch of softness tickling our
       cheeks bidding us “rise and shine?”

The winter demons that fly round
       our heads are no match for sleeping fishing
       shanties – they slap us in the face validating that
       winter is a malevolent lie that nags nags.

Throw off the winter lies that detonate the ennui in your
       mind prepare for the ecstasy of summer  – she is
       real!  Just ask the shanties the shanties the
       shanties of summer.


Anonymous said...

So true how things that sit empty all winter are awaiting spring as we are. When the activity returns the world is in the present then.

Bagman and Butler said...

Very nice poem, Patty. And a haunting photo that matches well.

imac said...

What a great photo with beautiful words.

Larissa Shalot said...

O but soon things will change - we know they will! Crisfield, Maryland is a much loved destination for our group of Cancerians - all crabby foodies who go wild on the seafood that gets laid out at the Annual Darby Fair. Crisfield means just one thing to us - Fun Unlimited.