Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terrapin Sands Music Festival at the American Legion Post 16 in Crisfield

You will have to go to the Daily Times site (see side bar) to see the photos I took at the festival. But here is a sneak preview just to show you what you missed. Make your plans now to join us next year!

We are a friendly bunch of folks around here. Ya'll Come anytime!

Nothing like a festival on the bay. The Crisfield American Legion has a million dollar view. And they know how to put on a party for any occasion.

Someone always wants to use my camera to take my photo. Terry, you want my job? Considering the subject, you did a super job.

This guy wants to know why you are not there enjoying the fun. Next year. OK? Be sure and take home a t-shirt.

The American Legion has boat docking facilities. The building behind the pontoon is McCready Hospital. If I ever need a hospital, take me there! The view alone will cheer you up. And see those steel girders going up behind the hospital? That will be our new Alice B. Tawes Nursing Home.

Life doesn't get any better than this, folks.


Anonymous said...

Patty, that is an awesome picture of you! And the festival looks like so much fun.

Love the last shot!

Patty said...

Audry: Thanks. I really don't like to have my photo taken but neither do a lot of people. So when someone wants to take my photo, what can I say?

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Such happy photos!Good to see you!

Lew said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all!

Gordon said...

I could browse your blog all day and love it, Patty.
Do you want me to pick someone for the week after "Reflections"?

gigi said...

Patty you look so pretty in yellow. You just glow. I think you may be having just to much fun in Cristfield. It always looks as if you are anyway. You sure promote that town so well I can't quit dreaming about visiting there. Keep it up and you might just have us all there for a visit.

Sergio López said...

Sure were great times!. Greetings from Spain.

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Photographers like to be on the other side of the lens but your pic is lovely.

gigi said...

Patty, I was watching the GRAND~girls jump at the indoor jumping house yesterday and picked up a Southern Living Mag. I think it was on page 21 or 22 it mentioned Cristfield and your Hard Crab Derby! I was so excited I knew you and you lived in Cristfield. It also mentioned Jekyll Isl. GA. that is in my back yard :)

Linda said...

Everyone in Crisfield always has a good time. I love the pictures, especially the sunset. How beautiful!

Jess said...

haha you never fail to attract me to your town :) I love the silhouettes!! always has been one of my favorite kinds of photos. And you do it so well!! Your town sure does seem friendly.

I recently posted an update on my internship if you're interested! :)