Friday, July 17, 2009

Olde Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse Update

I have a lot of people visit this blog looking for info about the Olde Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse. I also hear a few grumblings about why it is taking so long to transform the old Side Street crab restaurant and tiki bar into the Olde Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse. Because good things take time.

Let's put it this way: if you were baking a cake from a box you could have it done in less than hour. However, if you were baking an 8 layer wedding cake from scratch, and adding all the fancy decorations, get the idea.

Is there a time line? Yes. When it is ready. And that is good enough for me.

I got a peak at some of the work going on today and the owner was nice enough to let me photograph some of the tables. Wow! Take a peak. And remember, each table is being hand done by an artist flown all the way in from Florida. He is also painting walls and stools, and probably anything else that can't run away from him - this is not going to be a restaurant - it is going to be another Universe. And soon, you will be invited. So be patient, and keep your little faces scrubbed and your hair combed and be ready to be awed.

And the food? It is going to be out of this world. The owner knows how to please both your eyes and your stomachs. Oh, and I saw a lobster tank today.

Click this photo to be "wowed!"

These bar stools were made by hand and will all be hand painted like the ones you see.

And here is a photo of artist Johnny Castleseed. Johnny, if you have any extra paint left over, I could use a mural on my wall before you head back to Florida.


Butler and Bagman said...

Love the green fish and the art in general..but, regarding the barstools, are they really going to let people sit their butts down on artwork?

Joanne said...

How does the saying go ... Anything worth doing is worth doing well?

The art work looks amazing. I like the way, at the end of the post, you're "fishing" for a mural for yourself :)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Gosh! the place looks so wonderful even to step into when it's ready. And eating the real thing too!

Patty said...

Butler and Bagman: Yes. We can sit our butts on the artwork because it made to last, as are the tables.

Joanne: You are right. And this is being done right. Kind of like waiting on Christmas. "Fishing" for a mural? Me? Well, I would hate to see good paint go to waste. But I have a feeling there won't be any paint left over. But if there is...

Keats: Wait until you see the finished product. I will post photos of the opening that will make you want to pick up the phone and make reservations.

Jude said...

I can't wait, the place has such a wonderful atmosphere already..

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh it is wonderful.

The bar stools ..and the green fish I LOVE!

Patty said...

Jude: I can see beyond all the construction that is going on. The atmosphere, when it is finished, is going to both woo and wow you. Oh, you might want to start letting that belt out a notch. The eats are going to be out of this world, too.

Sarah Lulu: You should see them in person. So much work goes into each piece. The artist loves his work like a mother loves a child. Each piece is like a little child to him.

Casedilla said...

Love(!) the crab. Looks like it's going to be great once everything is finished.

Ann said...


I am back. I heard the earthquarke was off show, I didn't have access to TV or newspaper, so I didn't get much news.

In Singapore, near to where I lived at the university campus, guess what I saw? A whole lot of crab shells. I took a photo for you. Will post it when I get around to doing it. The internet is slow and I keep having trouble posting pix.

Three weeks away, and my house got invaded by giant rats. YUK!!!!

Went back to school and did some testing on 4 kids.