Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crisfield, Maryland J. Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake -2009

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” ~ James Beard 

I will not be attending the 2012 Clam Bake.  I will be packing up the car and heading to Ocean City, Maryland to enjoy a cool day and evening by the beach, complimented by a live concert, one of many to be held in Ocean City. Call 800.626.2326. Concert dates: July 11, 18, 25. Call for August dates. Nothing like live music by the shore, except maybe a sea-breeze on those hot July days.

Looking for photos from 2010 Clam Bake? Click here.

2011 photos? Click here.

What are you doing July 15? If you are not at Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield enjoying all you can eat crabs, clams, steamed corn, oysters (raw, steamed or fried), fried fish, french fries, beer, and watermelon, you are missing out on one of the biggest events in the State of Maryland.

Every year, for 33 years, seafood lovers and politicians have been gathering at Somers Cove marina to dine on the best our bay has to offer, and to talk politics. For one day out of the year, our little town plays host to politicians from all over the state, voters, lobbyists, and people who travel from faraway states just to partake of the scrumptious flavors of the Chesapeake.

The price for the all you can eat and drink gala is only $40.00, and you get your own crab mallet and beer drinking jar. Whoo hoo!

No matter what your political affiliation, this is without a doubt a summer, "Must-do." So take a ride in you car, boat, or hop a plane and make it on over our way. While you are here, make a week of it and enjoy the scenic beauty of Crisfield.

Tickets are limited to 6,000 so you need to call the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce at 410.968.2500. You can find out more by clicking on their link on the sidebar.

Here are a few photos I took last year. Hope to see you there.

And just who is J. Millard Tawes? He was born in Crisfield in 1894, and was elected Governor of Maryland in 1958, becoming the 59th governor of our state.

Oh, some of you may want to comment on the stickers some of people are wearing. I picked these photos at random. This is not a political blog. But you can wear your very own sticker to support your candidate on July 15! Who knows? I may randomly pick you to photograph this year. Whoo hoo! Let the "party" begin.


Joanne said...

Good times! From the looks of all your photos, from other posts too, it seems like the sun always shines on Crisfield :)

willow said...

Wow, looks like loads of fun, Patty! Wish I lived there!

Anonymous said...

I am always so hungry after reading your blog - LOL! The food looks so spectacular!

You are going to be proud of me this week, my shoot out actually focuses on, well it isn't my town exactly, but it is near my town. Anyways, the main focus is a town, and that is the whole point! :)

I am saving my pennies for a lensbaby.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Whoa! I certainly would like to the folks of Crisfield. Just love crabs and more crabs! Enjoy!

Butler and Bagman said...

I've decided that Crisfield has more crabs than any other city in the world.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Those crabs look wonderful! Sure wish I had some right now.

Anonymous said...

Patty that looks like so much fun! I would so love to be there! Perhaps next year.

Zaroga said...

Wish I could attend... but politics isn't my thing. The food might be worth being a politician :-)

My favorite photo is the man in the straw hat :-)

Dan Felstead said...

I love outdoor feasts such as this and the crabs look scrumptious! So different than the river catfish here in the Midwest! I am sure it is also much tastier!


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Patty, hi!! I am just getting caught up to all my favorite people here on blogger, have not been around much, sadly to say! I am glad to read on a lot of blogs though that everyone else is just as busy, makes me feel less guilty for not visiting more often. Anyway, loved all your recent pictures, the crab eat-out, and the 4th of July, oh they made me home sick for the states. Hey, my daughter is over there right now staying with my sister for a while and getting americanized!! She is loving it again, and showing her boyfriend the sights. Thank goodness my sister is willing to take in any of my kids that I send over her way, bless her heart. She spoils them rotten. :-) I hope things are going great there. I told everyone here at home that tonight is time for ME, and I just feel like sitting here and visiting as many blogs as I can get in to an evening, I have been missing everyone just terrible!!! ciao for now, a thought and a hug from here, Debby

GigiSxm said...

yummm! 'I want to go to there!'
This is where i belong! Ok now i'm hungry

Kathy in CA said...

Looks fabulous.... wish I could be there!! (and interestingly enough... I used to have a student with the same last name of your new Congressman!)

Missy said...

I miss crabs now! I feel hungry after reading your blog :-)

jiggins said...

That all looks so AMAZING! I spent some time in New Orleans, so the idea of a boil like that is not new to me.. but this caliber of fun looks soooo good! Looking forward to this years festivities! (or hearing about them anyway :)