Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Helper

I could not resist posting this cute little cowboy dude helping out at the Somerset County Fair where members of the 4-H Club were showing off their animals.

For more photos visit the Daily Times or the Somerset Herald (see side bar).

The following was found in the Ohio 4-H Newsletter from Ashland County "Clover Courier", June 1992 (source anonymous). It was suggested
that this special story be shared with 4-H groups as they do their program evaluations:

4-H Leader's Creed


...The 4-H member is more important than the 4-H project.

...Learning how to do the project is more important then the project itself.

...4-H'ers should be their own best exhibits.

...No award is worth sacrificing the reputation of a member or a leader.

...Competition should be given no more emphasis than other fundamentals of 4-H work.

...Enthusiasm is caught, not taught.

...To learn by doing is fundamental in any sound educational program and is characteristic of the 4-H

...Generally speaking, there is more than one good way to do most things.

...Every 4-H member needs to be noticed, to feel important, to win and be praised (leaders, too).

...Our job as leader is to teach 4-H members How to think, not What to think.

Congratulations to all those who participated, to their parents, and to their leaders. At last year's fair, an older gentleman told me that if more kids got involved in 4-H programs there would be fewer troubled youths today. I agree 100%. Give kids something to be proud about and they will succeed in life.


Anonymous said...

When my husband was a "wee lad" he belonged to a local 4H. He has some fond memories of it!
Adorable photo....

Patty said...

Marilyn: Thanks. I know all the 4-H kids grow up keeping those memories.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Sucha BIG helper! I'm sure he enjoyed doing his bit and learning too :)
I agree, guide the kids and they will shine.

willow said...

Hey, I was a 4-Her a hundred years ago! That little dude IS adorable.

(loved your inspiration comment, Patty)

Linda said...

You always manage such touching profiles! How adorable is this cute little 4H guy? He has many guidelines to follow. Thanks for posting a reminder about how principled 4H'ers are!

GingerV said...

the photo is adorable - what most children now days miss in their upbringing the sense of belonging to the team....(family) I like the creed more sports and school activities need to teach these points....

(don't worry about not jumping on my blog - miss your comments But see that this gang has grown BIG.

Anonymous said...

This really pulls at my heart strings Patty! Just adorable and brings back lots of memories. Hoping all is well - take care.