Sunday, March 14, 2010

Runaway to Crisfield!

“Adventure must start with running away from home” ~ William Bolitho

Spring is almost here. Crisfield is a great place to runaway to, and enjoy the sights on the bay, shop, visit our museum, look for a vacation or retirement home, and sample some Eastern Shore foods. You can also take a passenger or mail-boat to Smith Island or Tangier Island, after you have taken in all  Crisfield has to offer, of course!

As you plan your spring and summer vacations, think about visiting our friendly town. Over the next several  weeks, I will be bringing you some photos from around the area to help you plan your vacations. Hope to see you this year.

The entrance to Somers Cove Marina

Captain's Galley near the City dock. Some units are still for sale.

Enjoy the views of the quaint shanties

And watch the watermen at work

Shortly, I will begin highlighting some of our restaurants and shops; maybe Crabby Crab will help me out.


Bagman and Butler said...

I sure hope the people of Chrisfield appreciate you! You are a one-person Office of Economic Development!!!

Patty said...

Bagman and Butler: They do! They do! But how could any photographer pass up all this beauty? Keeping Crisfield to myself would be selfish.

Bagman, you should come visit Crisfield. Charleston, SC, is way crowded. Just leave Butler and Mark at home. Heehe.

kenny said...

Nice pictures im getting spring fever .

Anonymous said...

Patty, stop making Chrisfield sound so good. My wife and I have decided already to retire to Christfield 6 years form now, and want CF to be kept a secret! :)

Lew said...

That shanty is well maintained! And with homes for the birds too.

Rebecca said...

Love that quaint shanty shot. And the name of the boat...Water Witch? Looking forward to the restaurants too.

Ann said...


I have it imprinted in my mind: Big nice cars equals Patty. I am forver on the look out for great cars and think of you. Often, I am too late. This week, I saw one, or rather have a car. A greta one and the man to come with it. Shall post it ,ater as I have just downloaded it in the other computer. and deleted it from the camera.

It's abi American car, we don't have many American cars here as we are right hand drive.