Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crabby does Vegas

Note: I try to remember to put a note on my Crabby Crab posts for newbies who have come here looking for info on Crisfield. John-John "Crabby" Crab is a self-professed mascot of Crisfield. He loves showing off his town. When I have time, I plan on doing a little book - or two - on his adventures. Any copy editors out there? Yes, I can write, but I am first a photographer, and once I post photos and slap down some words I move on, with good intentions of returning for editing purposes. I never do.

Crabby Crab went to Vegas with us to spread the word about Crisfield, and he did a great job! Remember my disclaimer on the 1st batch of  Vegas photos? These photos were point and shoot and just for fun. Most of the time I did not even look at my settings. Hey, I was on vacation! Taking good photos requires thought and work. So just enjoy the theme and don't put too much emphasis on the quality. And "forget about" the editing. The editing part applies to all my posts - my old English teacher would kill me.

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast." ~ John Gunther

Crabby started out his day with a cup of coffee and a good breakfast. He longs for a cup of coffee from Gordon's.

 Crabby Crab pays for breakfast. He did so well at the slots he felt like a big spender, so we did not insist on paying.

Crabby could not wait to hit the tables. I want to thank Treasure Island for letting me take photos of the tables and slots. Once they knew what an important celebrity Crabby was, they were happy to give him the full run of the house. Umm? Perhaps he should have requested a room upgrade.

Crabby poses before seeing "Love" at the Mirage.

Another "Love" pose...

Uh, Crabby took this photo. I have seen Love twice. It is the best show in Vegas.

After the show, Crabby hit the ATM machine.

And then we lost him. Thanks to the Mirage for running their security tapes to help find a crab on the loose. That is a true story, folks. When they found out how important Crabby was, they  went to work. I am sure  there are some guards who will be telling their families stories about the time they  tracked down a Maryland crab gone wild in Vegas.

Back in the room, Crabby had a ball jumping up and down on the bed.

 Then we scolded him. Look at those sad eyes.


Lew said...

Looks like you all are having a great time out west! And how many other Crisfield crabs have a personal phtographer to follow them around?

Chef E said...

heah! Crabby jumping on the bed looks like the funniest thing ever!

Reminds me of Ane and Aaron getting a wish grant my the king and queen of the make a wish village, what did they chose? Jumping on the bed with them, it was too funny, and all I have is a memory, because I did not own a camera or a cell phone back then!

Go Crabby go!!!

A Scattering said...

Isn't "Love" THE best!? We saw it May 14, 2008 when we went to Vegas for our 25th wedding anniversary. Have fun!

Jess said...

Haha this is cute, Patty! Now I want to go see this show in Vegas--they let you, er, Crabby, take pictures while watching? I can imagine it would be a great photo opportunity!

Barry said...

Obviously this is one of Crabby's greatest adventures. And for such a highroller, I'm not surprised Los Vegas rolled out the red carpet for him.

Oh, and you too.

Snooty Primadona said...

Now see? You didn't get kicked out of the casino for taking a picture. Las Vegas is so great. At a New Mexico casino I was tossed out of the casino on my derriere for taking a picture at the table. I think they thought I was stealing their souls or something.

Looks like you & crabby had a marvelous time!