Monday, March 29, 2010

Food Lion in Crisfield

"Successful entrepreneurs are able to make great discoveries . . . because they keep alive within themselves the curiosity and wonderment of a small child exploring the universe . . . for the first time. ~ Peter J. Patsula

Crisfield is growing! In about a month, we will have a Food Lion. 

There are many business opportunities in Crisfield for companies looking to relocate, or for those looking for a quaint town to begin a start-up business. On the drawing board: a industrial park. Artisans would be right at home here as well. Low taxes and beautiful views make Crisfield the ideal place for both businesses - that includes Mom and Pop - and retirees. Check us out before moving to one of those crowded, polluted cities.

Story about growth in Crisfield can be found in both our weekly and daily newspapers. Just click on the newspaper links on the sidebar. You can do a search at the newspaper's web site if you don't have home delivery.


Joanne said...

Hey Patty, Thanks for stopping by today and checking in. Congrats on your upcoming retirement, although knowing you, I'm sure you have something exciting planned to fill that time! And welcome to Crisfield's Food Lion too!

Doreen said...

Hi Patty!! how are you doing? I have never heard of a Food Lion. cool name for a grocery store though.

Barry said...

Congratulations, it's great to see Crisfield growing.