Friday, May 8, 2009

Biking in Crisfield, Maryland

A special post for all you motorcycle people out there:

I don't have any bikes to show you, but I ran into this group of fine folks today. Actually, it was the Nikon cameras the guys were carrying that caught my eye as well as the second lady from the left, owner of My Fair Lady Bread and Breakfast in Crisfield. More on the B&B.

Jim Parks, far right, is with, a premiere magazine for bikers. He was on an 8 day tour of the area to scout out neat spots for bikers, and Crisfield is one of those places. I suggest you mosey on over there and bookmark the site, and keep an eye out for the story.

My husband has a Harley that I will show you as he soon as he pulls it out for the season (yes, I ride on the back but I also have a Honda scooter that I love to putz around town on).

I have to say this is just the best place for biking. Not only is the terrain flat, there is not a lot of traffic, and that makes it easier for the driver to enjoy all the beautiful scenery that we have not only around Crisfield, but around Somerset County.

So when planning your next trip, keep Crisfield in mind. We would love to have you. If you shoot us an email, we will meet you at the city limits on our Harley.

And for those of you who don't have motorcycles, bring your bikes, scooters, or your walking shoes and check us out!


Joanne said...

Seems like such a scenic place for a motorcycle ride. Some day, I'll just have to bring my walking shoes, though, and mosey through town that way!

Patty said...

Joanne, the walker:

"Put on your walking shoes, baby, come walk with me,
put on your walking shoes and forget everything
And when you're ready come to Crisfield and walk with me
put on your walking shoes 'cause in Crisfield we're free." - Argo

I changed the words around a little.

JudiO said...

Hi Patty,

My husband tried to reach you on Twitter, but admittedly we don't tweet a whole lot, so we're still a little mystified at it's workings!

We're looking into moving to Crisfield from Costa Rica. I grew up on the E. Shore (Berlin), and my husband is from the Midwest. We grow coffee here (just got ranked #5 coffee in all of Costa Rica!!!) and are planning on moving back up to be closer to family, and doing the other side of the coffee biz up there (Internet sales of roasted coffee, and possibly supplying local restaurants with specialty coffee).

Would love to hear if there are some other young, creative, fun people starting to come into Crisfield. We have two young kids, and are looking forward to a small town vibe, but hoping a nice Main Street of shops will get established.

What's you're feeling?

Judi O'Brien

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Patty, not only would hubby and me love to come on over to Crisfield, we would love to have his motorcyle back again to do it on. He had a gorgous bike for years, and how he loved taking off in the evenings on it. When we had the house built, we had to sell it, he had neither the time nor the money for that hobby anymore. It near broke his heart! I would give anythng to get him one again, and the time to ride it!!! If we DO get one, you just never know, we might show up in town one day. Wouldn't that be something!! :-) Debby

gigi said...

I am still trying to fit this in some time this year! Just how cool would that be to have you meet us at the county line??!!

ROSIDAH said...

Crisfield sounds like a lovely place to live. I can imagine how nice it would be far from all hectic, traffic, and not to mention pollution. I'm looking forward to see more of your town.

Patty said...

JidiO: you can email me at

Sounds like you have a lot to offer our little town.