Thursday, May 7, 2009

Around the beautiful Crisfield City Dock.

Around the beautiful Crisfield City Dock


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Wait take me with you!

Anonymous said...

Would love to float around the bay also!!
Have a great day!

gigi said...

I might be late on my post on gardens.

You be safe on all your adventures.

Joanne said...

I could easily spend an afternoon sitting on Crisfield's dock there, boatwatching, and dreaming a little, too.

GingerV said...

I am glad you are busy - you love your work so you must also be happy. I read the poem very nice and a great tribute.

Noelle said...

How I wish I was in Crisfield right now!!! I love your photos of your quaint town...a breath of fresh air for a weary girl. How are you doing my friend?

Merisi said...

When I spotted "Crisfield, Maryland", I had to come over!
Up until a little more than three years ago, my home was in the DC area, and I loved taking trips to to the Chesapeake Bay, such bounty of beautiful places along its shores!

I'd love to come along on a boat ride with you! :รถ)

Patty said...

Noe, Noe: Permission to come on board.

Marilyn: I think we can find another life jacket for you.

Gigi: Reggie Girl is going to fire me.

Joanne: I'll being a picnic basket.

GingerV: Yep. Love my work, but love my blogging, too. Unfortunately, blogging doesn't pay the bills. Have a great trip, gal!

Noelle: Keep us in mind. You have a vacation coming up.

Merisi: Welcome to the Crisfield blog. You should think about coming back for a visit.

Kim said...

I read Gordon's poem.

Wow, he has amazing talent. I want to frame it and put it in our little water craft.

Boating is fun!

Patty said...

Kim: I am sure Gordon would love to know that his poem was out to sea, or at least on the water. I would like to put both his and Daddy Art's poem in our boat, side by side.

Missy said...

I miss riding on a boat now, it's been a year :-) I will visit Gordon's blog to see the poem, thanks

Doreen said...

good luck on your assignments Patty.

Gordon's poem is magnificent!