Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Game of Thrones Winter Is Here!

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."  ~ Voltaire

With all this snow, we got hungry...

I even broke out a bottle of my Ommegang limited-run Game of Thrones beer, though my favorite beer is Highland Black Mocha Stout, something I have recently discovered, and is available all year. It is brewed in Asheville, NC.

Game of Thrones Beer, brought to you by Ommegang and HBO. Limited supply, folks. I bought 2 cases of the first edition Iron Throne Blonde Ale. It was sold out in less than a week where we live and it was in such high demand, Whole Foods was selling one-to-a-customer. The second edition was in such short supply, I was at a loss to find it at any of my local stores, so this past fall we trekked 90 minutes away to Beverage Super Store in Suwanee, GA to find Take The Black Stout. They were nice enough to hold the last 11 bottles for me. If you are looking for a great store for your spirits, look no further, but don't mess with my next stash, available sometimes in March. I have my name on a case of Fire and Blood. Winter is here, so why not indulge!

Extras: The bottle pictured was the first edition. In my glass, Take The Black. I know, you can't see the bottle. It takes a photographer to get all the little details in a photo. Arrgghh!

Also, with all this talk of beer, I am not a drinker, not in the true sense. Alcohol tastes awful to me, but for some reason I settled on beer as the least of the tastes-bad-to-me alcohols. I do like a dark beer, but until I found the Highland Black Mocha Stout, available year-round, it was all I could do to chug-a-mug. With my new find, I can actually "enjoy" a drink, even 2 (I think I had 3 on my first Highland try, and that is a record). So why all this talk about Ommegang? Because I like Game of Thrones, and hey, I have a stash of "limited" for my friends who like GOT. Now, if Trailer Park Boys would come out with a beer. Umm? Don't think that would be beer, would it? TPB: my one TV vice. They are just silly-funny.

Why is my beer in a wine glass? Because I like it that way!


Jackie said...

Scrumptious looking food!
And, I'm so glad that you got a good supply of your favorite beverage.
Regarding the photographer....I smile.
I have the same problem(s) when I hand my camera over to my spouse. I don't want to be too pushy and tell him how to photograph, but I do shake my head sometimes. Even so, I'm always thankful to have a photo (or two) of me every once in a while. So good to see you on the other side of the lens. You look happy and wonderful!
Have a lovely week.

J9 said...

Retirement looks good on you, Patty!

Patty said...

J9: It sure feels good!

Patty said...

Jackie: Thanks. Game of Thrones is more of a novelty supply of beer. Thank goodness, my favorite beer is always in season.

I guess it takes a little photographer's blood to be able to take a decent photo. My poor husband has helped me out on many assignments, by handing me a required lens or camera, or setting up my tripods. After years of instructions, he is still a point an "auto" point shoot photographer, never once thinking about composition or light. He is however, an excellent folk artist with a unique style that I am always in awe of.

Not to degrade "point and shoot." In my retirement years, I am finding myself doing a lot of that, and with my iPhone. In a good light and at the right distance, the iPhone takes an awesome photo. In a not-too-good light, it can capture the story. I am hoping Apple will eventually put an awesome camera in the iPhone.