Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Habersham County Snow

Don't have time to answer all the emails I am getting about the snow. Yes, it is snowing in Habersham County and here are some snaps to prove it. Yes, we may get some ice and yes we are prepared. And yes, if we have power, I will post more photos. Oh, and yes,  rain, sleet, or snow, news photographers must always go, but retired photographers can stay inside and shoot from the windows. I even used "auto" on these photos, something I never did when shooting for newspapers.

Normally, we would be able to see the mountains through the trees.

Once again, here is one of our hiking trails.

And here is another:

One of our bottle trees:

A sad pine tree:

View from the screen porch:


Jackie said...

Auto made for beautiful shots, Patty.
I would love to see your winter wonderland in person. It's gorgeous.
Have a lovely week...and stay warm!

Patty said...

It is beautiful here. Can't believe I ever left the mountains to live in a swamp. Ha! We still have snow on the trees and it is cooling off. We hope the ice stays away.

Mersad said...

I can see all the snow here that you have been talking about. And I know that you must wish the sunny days back, and I wish for some snow days, because I havent been able to make some propper snow images this winter. Take care!

J9 said...

Amazing! and even better because you are indoors, warm and dry :)