Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bag it!

"The water in our oceans is like blood for our planet. If we continue to fill it with toxic materials such as plastic, it will be to the detriment of all life on Earth." ~ Doug Woodring

Don't you just hate it when you want to take a photo and you have to move the garbage? This time I left it.

 In 1988, we were warned about garbage piling up in the oceans, especially plastics that never-ever biodegrade. They just break up into tiny microscope pieces that sit at the bottom of oceans creating their own little worlds. Right now, one of those worlds known as the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'  is roughly the size of Texas, though no one has been able to accurately measure the swirling mess of plastic and sludge. And no one knows how to clean it up.

If you are concerned about how plastic is trashing up the oceans, killing fish and wildlife, and poisoning you - yes, "poisoning you" just do a search for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and then Google "BHA in plastics." While in investigative mode, dig for the truth about recycling plastic. It's a nasty truth once you get passed the "rubbish" the plastic industry throws out to foil you. Or you can just save yourself the trouble of Googling and order the documentary Bag It! I promise you, that after watching this doc, you will be hauling your groceries out in your arms if the store does not have plastic bags. Don't want to buy the DVD? TIVO it.

Oh, and if you left that bag on the Maryland beach, it is probably vacationing in the Pacific right now. Don't blame all the litter in the ocean on coastal people. No mater where you live, that plastic you see floating across the street eventually breaks down into tiny particles where it makes its way to drainage ditches, streams, and eventually the ocean.

 Don't litter. And please, educate yourself about plastic. In this day and age, I can't imagine why anyone would go around with blinders on. It's convenient, yes, but is it smart?

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Jackie said...

With you all the way on this, Patty.
I walk the right-of-way alongside our property line once a week with a trash bag. I pick up a full bag (overflowing) every week...everything from styrofoam cups, cigarette butts, plastic bags, aluminum cans (and could write a book on the "oddities" I find among the trash.) It's disgusting to think that people throw trash out anywhere...Do they think it "evaporates"..!!! NO!! It stays forever (some of it) and it hurts me to see it alongside our roads, in our fields, along our lakefronts, at our beaches, etc. Thank you for this blog.:)))