Monday, August 20, 2012

The Best Tiki Bar on the Eastern Shore...

The Best Tiki Bar on the Eastern Shore...
From St. Michaels to Chesapeake City, I have a lot of favorite tiki bars and restaurants in both Maryland and Virginia - I even have some favorites in Georgia and California. This is also a restaurant and technically, may not be called a tiki bar, but I will go out on a limb here.

It has a private beach with breathtaking views, good food and entertainment, and a truckload of Eastern Shore fun to fill your evenings. I put it at the top of my list because when I am there I feel like I am on some remote island like Long Island, Bahamas, my favorite island. Ever had conch jerky there? Try it.

Where is this paradise of a place? I am not going to tell you. Not now. I will be going back next weekend when there is some action and post some better photos, and of course, give you the location. 

These photos were taken last week with my iPhone. Yes, I actually went somewhere without my camera. I am getting used to that.

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Patty said...

Oh, the emails I have received on this. Sorry, I did not get back to the tiki bar/restaurant this past weekend due to weather. But for those of you who want a rocking time on a private beach, head to the Sunset Grill in Kiptopeake, VA.

And for those who keep asking where I will be this Labor Day, I was scheduled to photograph in DC, but cancelled my room reservations 2 months ago because I decided to rent a vaca-house in Georgia. Long story.

Since I missed the Sunset Grill last week, I was thinking about catching the Labor Day festivities this weekend, but, weather permitting, I am now leaning towards covering all the activities on Deal Island. However, if it is too hot, I may stay home. I have spent half my life working in the elements, and given that I am retired, I can now pass on heat, cold, snow, and rain. Your guess is now as good as mine as to where I will be.