Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall Replay, Crisfield weather for August 20, 2012

Dark Sky weather app

I am rebooting my blog with an old weather photo from Garrett County, Maryland, my favorite getaway place.

Why a fall photo in August? The temps dropped into the 60's last night and according to NOAA, the fall-like evening weather will be with us through Wednesday night.

It had gotten so damp and cool in the house last night that I turned on the pellet stove this morning. Yes, in August, a pellet stove is heating my house. Not to be overly dramatic, I am about to hit the "off" button. To be overly dramatic, this has been an extremely strange year for weather.

We had a mild winter on the Eastern Shore (no one is complaining about that) followed by an early spring, followed by the hottest summer on record. It wasn't too long ago that the heat index was 110. If this cool snap is indicative of what is to come, this can be called the year of the "fast and furious" summer. 

What's in store for the remainder of August and September? No one knows, but if my garden is any indication, summer is over. My tomatoes, full of blossoms and tiny green tomatoes that should be turning into the last batch of summer tomatoes went into dying mode last week. They seem to know it is time to go. I never argue with Nature.

Certainly, the weather will heat back up again, but when the weather turns whacky, no one can predict what will happen, but I think the hot days will be short-lived and my tomatoes are telling that Fall is creeping in early this year.

This has also been an extremely dry summer, at least on my block, so I figure Mother Nature has a whopper of a hurricane in store for Crisfield before hurricane is season ends. A little more heat, a whole bunch of rain at one time, a cool day here, a hot day there...those are my predictions. Maybe Farmer's Almanac has a job for me.

Weather today through Friday, August 24, 2012:

Today: showers. high 76 - low 66
Tuesday: possible showers. High 80 - low 66.
Wednesday: possible thunderstorms. High 78 - low 67.
Thursday: Partly sunny. High 80 - low 71
Friday - sunny. High 82 -low 70.

Almost too good to last.


FYI: for those who do not have access to my private blog, let me share a weather app tip with you. Check out the Dark Sky app. It only gives you the next hour's weather, rain wise. It is extremely helpful if you have to go out and you want to avoid the rain. It pinpoints where you are and tells you, with pretty good  accuracy, how long it will rain, up to an hour.

Last week, I was stuck in a downpour on my way to Bel Air. I decided to pull over and check my Dark Sky app. It said it was going to rain for 8 more minutes. It was about a minute off, but I knew I could sit there and be safe for 8 minutes while all the cars and trucks hydroplaned by me. Had is told me it was going to rain for another hour, I may have squinted my way onward.

Last week, we went to sleep with all the windows open, and I woke up to loud thunder and lightening. I grabbed my iPhone and looked at my Dark Sky app and saw it was not going to rain. I rolled over and went back to sleep. It didn't rain. On any other night, I would have been running around closing windows.

Dark Sky got started through Kickstarter. Keep an eye on this app. It is only going to get better. It will also tell you if it is going to snow, and it has a beautiful radar. More accurate than the other weather sites.


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