Sunday, January 1, 2012

Traditional Syrniki (Russian pancakes) Brunch

Traditional Syrniki (Russian pancakes) Brunch
Being of Russian heritage I enjoy a variety of Russian foods. One of my favorites is Syrniki pancakes. I have tried many recipes and non compares to the most recent, found in the Wall Street Journal. I whipped up a batch for New Year's bunch. 

Sausage is veggie sausage. And yes, I did have my Russian tea earlier. Funny contrast in the writing on the orange juice glass. I brought a set from the waiter at a village cafe while on assignment in Buriram, Thailand.

Amazingly there is little flour in these pancakes. A few tablespoons of flour and cream of wheat, along with eggs (I get mine from free-roaming happy chickens that are never killed), are the binding agents. Salted Farmers cheese is the main ingredient. Raisins soaked in black tea give the pancakes an old world flavor. Check out the recipe at the WSJ.

Note that if you live in this area you may have to think ahead when making this. I could not find the salted cheese anywhere in Crisfield or Salisbury. Still waiting on a Wegmans in the Bury.


Anonymous said...

How interesting. They sound/look delicious and very unique. Such a pretty tablescape, too!

Patty said...

It was delicious. The wooden girls were handmade in Russia. They are actually Christmas ornaments. I have a ton of them. They are so pretty I keep them out all year.