Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watchful eyes

Stock photo armed guards
I have oftentimes been amused at people who have tried to keep me away from shooting trivial subject matter because they were afraid I would hurt myself. It is hard to tell a construction supervisor working on a strip-mall project not to worry about me tripping on some stray board, because I have been to the edge. I giggle quietly when I stand on a chair to get a better view of a dinner event, and everyone gathers around telling me not to fall. You don't survive armed guards, and believe me I have seen and photographed my share, or tornadoes, or raging fires, or anything else that can be dangerous, without knowing the score. You can't teach that in any school. It is something that you learn slowly, and you learn well, or you don't survive the big time. In my retirement years, I am glad I went to the edge, and I think I can safely say I survived because of mutual respect. Of course, nature never reciprocates respect. Of her, you must be vigilant when shooting. But, like in the photo below, I was not welcome, but I was respected, and I returned that respect, took several photos, and walked away.


Bagman and Butler said...

Great photo -- and great commentary. Mutual respect is certainly one of the most important survival tools for photographers -- and people in general.

Patty said...

Correct, but now that I am retired, do I need respect? That is like a job? I would like to be just the crazy cat lady now. Of perhaps the old hippie lady. Maybe I will start a revolution. Just kidding. Don't anyone bother to tap my phones.