Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene in Crisfield

The camera can photograph thought.  ~Dirk Bogarde
"The camera can photograph thought."  ~ Dirk Bogarde

Certainly some concerned thought going on in these photos.

The only things to be seen in Crisfield at 2:00 am during the height of the storm on Saturday were the National Guard, law-enforcement officials, a few stray cars whose drivers soon realized they were no match for the hurricane force winds and the tide that swept through the streets of Crisfield,  and the owners and workers of Goldsborough's Marine. While everyone else was tucked safely in their beds, these vigilant Crisfielders were on duty to do whatever it took to protect their property against nature. I think these photos say something about both the forces of nature and the human spirit.

As many of you have noticed, I have stepped away from covering just one corner of my world. This blog is now a collection of both old and new photos, taken while on assignments throughout the years and around the world. And of course, taken for the love of the art.   One day I may offer up an old photo, the next day, a photo fresh from my cameras, such as the ones shown above. Geography and subject matter have been thrown out the door. Or is that the window?

When I retired, I swore I would never work another flood, hurricane, tornado, or snowstorm. Last night, I could not help myself. True photographers never sleep when there are photos to be taken, and when a disaster hits, there are always photos to be taken, even if the photographer is not on duty.

I would not be posting these photos now if I had not received so many emails wanting to know where my flood photos were. To be truthful, last week, I had pre-posted all of my posts through September 10, so I could enjoy two weeks away from the computer at my favorite secluded place in the mountains. Hurricane Irene had other plans for me, and I had to race home to secure the home-front. The other flood photos will be filed and used for a "rainy" day, or perhaps with another batch of posts I will ready for my return trip to the mountains.

For those who have emailed with concern, we weathered the storm well, except for the loss of electricity that went off after I arrived home from shooting. It's back on now, and for that we are grateful. 
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Thanks to Billie at the Pizza Shoppe who gave me, not one, but two photo-taking rides Friday and Saturday in her larger-than-my vehicle truck.  My Honda Element would have never made it out of my driveway.

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