Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Summer Photos

I have received about ten emails from viewers of this blog clamoring for more summer photos to warm them up. So here is the last batch. Stay warm, and remember Crisfield when you are planning your next vacation.

We're a friendly people, and we know how to have fun. Ya'll come. That's not a Maryland phrase but being from Georgia, it's still sounds good to me.

Oh, those summer tomatoes!

Those tomatoes go good with our local crabs.

And here is one of our crabbers doing what he does best.

Yes. We still have an ice cream truck. In my day, when we heard the music, we all yelled, "the Hunky Man is coming!" I think it is because they had an ice cream on a stick called a Hunky.

Crisfield is the ideal place for running and biking - no hills in this part of the country. You can bike all day and never get tired.

"No, officer, we weren't speeding." Speaking of the law, we have a great law-enforcement agency in Crisfield. Remember the post about the unattended milk and eggs being left on the city dock, along with FedEx and UPS packages for the mail boats? If you tried to swipe them, you would not get past the city limits. It's our great police officers that make this a safe town.

We have some of the best fishing around. For those of you who have big boats or yachts, you need to make your way to Somers Cove Marina. We have a lot of events scheduled for the year. Check out the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce site and make your reservations now.

These two love bugs were enjoying a day at Somers Cove Marina.

We've all done it, running through our dads hose on a hot summer day as he washes the car. We see a lot of that around here.

Boohoo. I caught this little girl off guard at our beach. When you visit us, you might want to take a day trip to Assateague Beach or Ocean City.

Boys will be boys. There are all kinds of nooks and crannies to explore in Crisfield. This boy was walking near the beach at the American Legion. If you are a member, make sure you stop by when you visit. They have a million dollar view of the bay. And the sunsets are to die for!

See what our beautiful bay does to you? They came for fish but got caught up in the magic.

The wonderful days of summer are just around the corner. Doesn't this warm you up?

Another warmer-upper.

We're a small town...a really small town. What I like best is that you can go to the beach and be all alone on many occasions. This lady, who works for our hospital (a fine hospital that I will tell you about in another post)was enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. Where else can you have a whole beach to yourself?

OK. I am going to leave you with a weather shot, and spoil it with a sad reminder of the gas prices of last year. This was taken on a really hot day. The lady had walked to the station to get a drink to cool off. We are all hit by heatwaves. This summer, you will clamoring for photos to cool you down! At least we have the beach and the bay to cool us off when the weather gets too hot.



Awh, these photos DID make me warmer :D Thanks!

When the ice cream man used to come around my neighborhood everyone would yell that Fat Joe was coming, haha he was a sweet heart I used to have such butter fingers with my ice cream and he'd give me a free one every time I dropped it. We also have these guys who walk around with their horses and carts of fruit down the city streets. It's such a strange sight but I love the sound of them yelling what they have on a hot day, it makes me smile thinking about it.

Jess said...

wow, what an inspiration!! I can't believe your experience! I can only hope to be half as successful as you are! I love the pictures, I'll definitely be visiting this blog regularly!

justin manas prince jaspher ligin said...

nice places to visit....good photos

thanks for visiting and giving compliments about our country...i don't have any relatives in America..