Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vote Charles Otto Maryland House of Delegates, District 38A, 2014

 “Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” ~ Spencer Johnson, writer

Those who know me, know I have never openly promoted a candidate. During my long newspaper career, I have been paid to photograph candidates, asked to photograph candidates, photographed candidates because someone high-up expected it of me, and photographed candidates because they were in my line of sight. This post will be a first, in that I am asking everyone  to vote for Incumbent Charles Otto, Maryland House of Delegates, District 38A in 2014.

Since I still own a home in this district, it is in my best interests to persuade you to vote for the person who I believe will be the best candidate. Delegate Otto has served our area well. He succeeded Delegate Page Elmore, a man I admired and respected, and one whom I know we all miss. Thanks to the blessings of his constituents, Delegate Elmore's wife, Dr. Carolyn Elmore, proudly carried on his duties for several months after his passing. Dr. Elmore also supported Delegate Otto in his first bid for delegate, and continues to support him in his re-election. That is a good enough reason for me to support Delegate Otto for a second-term, though I have many valid reasons to believe that he is the best candidate.

Since I am now registered to vote in Georgia, I can no longer vote in Maryland, so if you know someone who is not registered to vote, get them signed up, and tell them to vote for Otto, Likewise, if you have someone who is registered to vote but never goes to the polls.

Somerset County and Wicomico made a wise choice in the last election.  I feel confident they will do the same this election year. No doubt, Delegate Otto's opponent will outspend and overdo in the social-media department. I believe that the voters of Somerset and Wicimoco are smart enough to know that social media, money, and a flurry of fancy signs, make for a great circus-like campaign, but they can never, ever replace hard work and dedication. This November, which is not really that far away, remember the legacy that the Elmore's left us, and know in good faith, that their work will continue with the re-election of Delegate Charles J. Otto.

File photo of Dr. Carolyn Elmore with Delegate Charles Otto.

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