Sunday, December 15, 2013

Low light photography

I don't spend a lot of time talking about lighting but I snap a lot of low light photos with my Nikon 700, soon to be dinosaur, but being retired, I will be hanging on to all 3 of my Nikons and assorted lenses unless I win the lottery. I will then move up to the Leica - the $25,000 body and spend another $100,000 on assorted Leica lenses. I doubt it will feel as good in my hands and did the1950's Leica that I held some 20 years ago. I have had an on-going love affair with the Leica, ever since.

So, this photo was shot in extremely low light: 2.8 at 6400. Not bad for the 700. My cats make wonderful subjects and are used to having cameras shoved in their faces. Shown in this photo is Czarina, who was once a starving stray, nick-names, Peanut, Czary, or Baby Girl (She comes to all 4 names). One of our other cats, Skipper,  has learned so much about photo-taking he has his own selfie-blog. Of course, he uses an iphone. Visit him by clicking on sidebar link. He is such a ham.

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Lew said...

Beautiful cat. Love the blue eyes! We have two rescued Siamese.